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National Coordination Body: Measures adopted in timely and well-planned manner, inspections to prevent and punish organisers of illegal gatherings, solution to pay for parental leave needs to be found

National Coordination Body: Measures adopted in timely and well-planned manner, inspections to prevent and punish organisers of illegal gatherings, solution to pay for parental leave needs to be found
Published date 14.10.2020 19:00 | Author PR Service

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The National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases, at today's session chaired by its President Milutin Simović and attended by Prime Minister Duško Marković, stated that since the coronavirus outbreak, epidemiological measures have been adopted in a timely and well-planned manner, that the crisis was managed well under given conditions, that our health system has shown special vitality, which in the new wave of the pandemic and with the extraordinary efforts of health workers responds to the current challenges. Additional attention, obligation and responsibility should be paid to more efficient control of the implementation of epidemiological measures, primarily those that pose the greatest epidemiological risk.

Montenegro once managed to be the first country in Europe without confirmed cases of infection. The high rate in the past period is the result of numerous public gatherings and other violations of epidemiological measures during and after the elections, as well as continuous, irresponsible and demagogic denials of the virus, ridiculing epidemiological measures, publicly expressed suspicions about pandemic primarily by some of those social actors who are supposed to face the challenge of crisis management.

High infection rates both in our neighbourhood and across Europe confirm that a new, serious wave of pandemics is on the rise, which requires the highest degree of efficiency of all competent actors in processing blatant violations of health authorities' orders.

The biggest challenge and epidemiological risk is organising weddings, birthday parties and family celebrations. The competent authorities are in charge of preventing such gatherings, and of sealing the premises where the gatherings are organised and punishing the responsible persons. 

The National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases calls on religious communities to keep religious rites and other gatherings in religious facilities to a minimum until the epidemic is brought back under control.

Citizens' initiatives to republish lists of persons in self-isolation were rejected

The National Coordination Body was acquainted with the numerous requests of citizens for the republishing of the list of persons in self-isolation and with their assessment that this approach in the first wave significantly contributed to the successful response to COVID-19.

It was stated that in the first wave, the National Coordination Body made such a decision fully convicted that it was in accordance with the Constitution, the law and the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

It was considered that this measure was necessary and that it was proportional to the legitimate goal of protecting the health and life of all citizens.

In the light of the decision of the Constitutional Court of Montenegro, the National Coordination Body deeply regrets the possible feeling of discomfort, which could have been caused by the Decision on publishing the names of persons who are in self-isolation.

Such a decision of the National Coordination Body was motivated by the best intentions in order to protect the health and lives of citizens and was not aimed at any individual citizen.

The National Coordination Body is obliged to respect the Decision of the Constitutional Court, and it was concluded that the National Coordination Body cannot accept citizens' initiatives to reintroduce this measure.

Procurement of the drug remdesivir was paid from the donated funds

The National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases adopted today the 17th Report on the account balance and outflows from the account of the Operational Staff for Donation Management, which states that based on the conclusion of the Cabinet and the National Coordination Body's Decision, EUR 110,400 were paid for the procurement of remdesivir.

According to the data of the Operational Staff for Donation Management, the account balance on 14 October 2020 at 9:00 a.m. is EUR 5,091,994.99 and $ 75,971.72.

Total inflows amount to EUR 8,161,264.12 and $ 75,971.72, while outflows amount to EUR 3,069,269.13. (Weekly overview of outflows can be downloaded here.)

Solution for paid parental leave needs to be found urgently

The National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases considered a letter from the Association of Youth with Disabilities requesting, on behalf of persons with disabilities, to allow these persons to use the front seat in taxi vehicles. The National Coordination Body reminds that, having in mind people with disabilities, in May it abolished the measure prescribing to sit in the back seat only while in taxis and urges taxi owners to be especially sensitive to this part of our population.

Considering the statement of the Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms regarding the right of parents of children under 11 years of age to paid leave from work, as well as the answers of the Ministries of Economy and Education, the National Coordination Body ordered the representatives of these ministries and members of the National Coordination Body to hold a meeting tomorrow morning, to which they should also invite a representative of the Ombudsman and find an appropriate solution.