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National Coordination Body: Drastic violation of epidemiological measures – attack on health and lives of citizens

National Coordination Body: Drastic violation of epidemiological measures – attack on health and lives of citizens
Published date 02.11.2020 19:40 | Author PR Service

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The National Coordination Body strongly condemns the drastic violation of the prescribed epidemiological measures for the protection of the health and lives of citizens in the past three days. Due to certain consequences, the National Coordination Body calls on citizens to fully respect preventive measures in the coming days, avoid all unnecessary contacts and protect children and the elderly from non-family gatherings.

Representatives of the new parliamentary majority, the clergy of the Serbian Orthodox Church, including some health workers, showed an incomprehensible irresponsibility towards the health and lives of citizens by their personal example of non-compliance with prescribed measures and encouraging a mass gathering.

The consequences of such actions in the midst of the second wave of the pandemic, in the coming days will certainly further aggravate the epidemiological situation, further burden the health system and endanger the lives of a large number of citizens.

It was stated that disrespect and encouragement for non-compliance with measures again this time comes, as a rule, from those addresses that are loudest in criticising the National Coordination Body.

The huge trust of the citizens in the National Coordination Body until the middle of the year was a success that recognisable political addresses could not forgive. Continuous attacks and accusations against the National Coordination Body were aimed at making the epidemiological situation more unstable and making it more difficult to fight honestly and professionally to preserve the health of all citizens.

We have witnessed accusations that the virus does not exist, that it is a fabrication of the West and does not pose a danger, that we pay patients to accept being hospitalised, that the measures we adopt are political. There were also numerous attempts to personally discredit members of the National Coordination Body.

During that time, the loudest critics violated the measures the most, drew maps of how Montenegrin borders are illegally crossed and how the virus enters our country, organised and supported a series of mass gatherings, which lasted for months, with elements of incomprehensible epidemiological risks that did not even spare children. We have also witnessed attempts to hide such risks from the public eye, which clearly shows that this was done consciously.

The National Coordination Body shows full understanding for the numerous initiatives and reactions of citizens and business people, especially the hospitality industry, which have suffered many sacrifices and whose existence has been severely affected by restrictive measures. Now, when we all witness serious violation of measures, they rightly wonder what they sacrificed themselves for and what is the point of further maintaining measures that hit them hard and endanger their survival, numerous jobs and the existence of numerous families. Therefore, the National Coordination Body recommended that the Public Health Institute further considers the justification for maintaining restrictive measures that affect entrepreneurs. In case these measures are maintained, the National Coordination Body proposes to the Cabinet to consider the possibility of increasing the amount of subsidies for employees in industries affected by restrictions.

The National Coordination Body gave recommendations to the Crisis Medical Staff to make a plan to increase hospital beds in existing COVID hospitals and activate new ones, due to current events, in order to prevent the health system from being blocked, as well as to do a risk analysis of medical staff due to high exposure.

The National Coordination Body stated that the Police Administration, in the procedure established by the Law, informed the competent state prosecutor's office about cases of violations of measures in Cetinje and Podgorica, and expressed the expectation that the competent body would react in a timely and efficient manner.

It was pointed out that the fight for the health of the citizens was not stopped even after the elections, because the need to take care of the health of the citizens did not stop.

It was stated that the National Coordination Body, with numerous competent institutions, operational staff, at the local and state level, with the support of numerous donors, and especially with responsible, dedicated and devoted health workers, ensured that the health system shows its full functionality and stability.

On this occasion, the National Coordination Body expressed respect and gratitude to all citizens who contributed to our common struggle, convinced that the only way to overcome this crisis is for the entire Montenegrin society to show full solidarity, unity and responsibility.