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National Coordination Body adopts Public Health Institute's suggestion to close gyms, fitness centres and children's playrooms in local self-governments in which cumulative incidence is above 800

Published date 06.11.2020 19:07 | Author PR Service

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The Public Health Institute of Montenegro, having in mind the worsening of the epidemiological situation and the current level of infection and hospitalisation, proposed tonight, and the National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases accepted amendments to appropriate orders to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. In local self-governments where the cumulative incidence rate exceeds 800 per 100,000 inhabitants, additional closure and prohibition measures are introduced in gyms, fitness centres, sports halls ("sports balloon halls") for recreation, other closed facilities of this type as well as in children's playrooms. The measure does not apply to professional athletes who undergo regular testing.

The sharp increase in the spread of the virus in some municipalities, according to the clear views of the profession, can only be stopped by restrictive measures. Such measures, as we have seen, have yielded results in Nikšić, Berane, Andrijevica and Pljevlja.

We remind you of the valid measures which prescribe the following:

1. Wearing protective masks outdoors and indoors is mandatory throughout Montenegro, including children older than 5 years, except on beaches and in national parks.

2. Companies and entrepreneurs engaged in retail trade (markets, supermarkets, hypermarkets, shopping centres, etc.), including green markets are obliged to appoint one or more persons who will control whether citizens or service users wear protective masks when entering these facilities and maintain physical distance in these facilities.

The National Coordination Body shows full understanding for the numerous reactions and initiatives of employees and businespeople, who have suffered many sacrifices and whose existence has been severely affected by restrictive measures.

Therefore, the National Coordination Body recommended to the Government to consider the possibility of increasing the amount of subsidies for employees in industries affected by restrictions. It was also proposed to the Government and local self-governments to consider the possibility of additional reliefs for these industries in order to ensure their sustainability and preservation of jobs.

Our healthcare system has successfully resisted and still resists all challenges. We are witnessing the continuous efforts of the Crisis Medical Staff, the enormous efforts and dedication of doctors, epidemiologists, medical staff and the extraordinary efforts of the staff employed in the laboratories of the Public Health Institute.

The sudden spread of the pandemic in the second wave further confirms the views of the World Health Organization that public health is more than medicine and science and is greater than any individual.

Therefore, we call on all political entities, the civil sector, the media to contribute to this joint fight.

We also call on all competent authorities to act efficiently, responsibly and without exception in order to achieve results as soon as possible.

A pandemic will not go away on its own - we must overcome it, and we can only do so with the full unity and solidarity of the whole society.