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Press release on Cabinet decisions made on 5 and 9 November 2020 without holding session

Published date 16.11.2020 23:45 | Author PR Service

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The Montenegrin Cabinet, on Thursday, 16 October 2020, and Monday, 9 November 2020, without holding a session and based on the obtained consent of the majority of the Cabinet members, adopted the Information on the Implementation of the Wage Subsidy Programme in order to mitigate the negative effects of the novel coronavirus. According to the submitted reports of the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Finance should pay surtaxes on personal income tax to local self-governments from the Current Budget Reserve.

The Information states that within the second and third package of Government measures, so far, salaries for over 73 thousand employees in 15.6 thousand economic entities have been subsidized. The amount of paid funds for subsidizing salaries for the period from April to September reached EUR 51.5 million. From 1 November, the payment of October salaries started and in the first week of the current month, EUR 2.4 million were paid on this basis.

The Wage Subsidy Programme in order to mitigate the negative effects of the novel coronavirus, within the third package of measures, continued to subsidize part of the net minimum wage, as well as part of taxes and contributions to the minimum wage, this time for July, August and September. Subsequently, on 15 October, the Cabinet decided to extend the implementation of this programme for another two months, i.e. for October and November.

The Information on the need to provide funds for the procurement of rapid antigen tests for the novel coronavirus was adopted. According to the recommendation of the Public Health Institute of Montenegro, according to the urgent procedure, and in accordance with the Law on Public Procurement, the procurement of 70,000 fast antigen tests for November this year is realized, for which EUR 700,000 were allocated from the Current Budget Reserve.

The Cabinet adopted Information on incentive pay for October 2020 for employees in the public health sector working with COVID-19 patients.

The Cabinet adopted the Information on the proposal to terminate the contract concluded between the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism - Public Works Directorate as the contracting authority and Podgorica-based "Novi Volvox" LLC as a contractor for design and execution of works on the construction of a six-seater cable car and 4 km of ski slopes, at the location "Savin kuk" in the municipality of Žabljak, and adopted a proposal to use the purchased cable car installations for the ski resort "Savin kuk" to connect ski centres under construction "Žarski" and "Cmiljača". The Information states that in the process of realization and fulfillment of contractual obligations, the contractor "Novi Volvox" LLC procured a six-seater cable car from the manufacturer "Leitner" and assembly units, but the plans need to be changed in accordance with the Report of the UNESCO Mission regarding the World Heritage Site "Durmitor National Park".

Considering that any further intervention in the protected area, i.e. investment in the direction of expanding the ski infrastructure at the "Savin Kuk" ski resort in Žabljak would be in direct contradiction with UNESCO recommendations and would seriously jeopardize the international protection enjoyed by Durmitor National Park, "Ski Resorts of Montenegro" LLC proposed that the procured cableway installation should be redesigned and used to connect the ski centres under construction "Žarski" and "Cmiljača". 

The Cabinet adopted the Proposal for nominating projects to the List of Development Projects in the Field of Tourism, which includes 11 projects - seven in the municipality of Kolašin, two in the municipality of Žabljak, one in the municipality of Budva and one in the municipality of Tivat. The following projects are added to the List: Construction of the hotel complex Amma Resort, according to the mixed business model, with 5 stars in Čanj, Bar (The hotel complex has a total capacity of 483 accommodation units, of which 241 accommodation units in the hotel, and 242 more accommodation units in 8 luxury buildings – villas. The estimated value of the investment is EUR 77.01 million) and the construction of the Black Pine Hotel, according to the condo business model, with 4 stars in Mojkovac (the total capacity of the hotel is 174 accommodation units. The estimated value of the investment is EUR 10.57 million).

The Information on concluding the Agreement on the donation of funds for the implementation of the project of reconstruction of the bridge on the river Tara in Montenegro with the support of China was adopted.

The Cabinet accepted the Draft Agreement on donation of funds for the implementation of the project of reconstruction of the bridge on the river Tara in Montenegro with the support of China and authorised Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs Osman Nurković and Director of the Transport Administration Sava Parača to sign the Agreement.

The People's Republic of China donated 55 million yuan (just over seven million euros) for the reconstruction of the Đurđevića Tara Bridge, built between 1938 and 1940.

The Cabinet adopted the Information on the signing of Amendment No. 7 to the Memorandum of Understanding No. IV, concerning the NAVSTAR Global Positioning System (GPS) with the Proposed Amendment. The Information states that the NAVSTAR Global Positioning System (GPS) was developed by the United States Department of Defence. Access to the system is controlled by selective availability and techniques to prevent unauthorized access. In order to support the common interests of the national defence of non-US states, so that the national defence authorities would be military users of this system, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed regarding the NAVSTAR Global Positioning System (GPS). The Memorandum represents U.S. authorization and approval for non-U.S. participants to purchase and use GPS-PPS user equipment.

The practice so far is for each new NATO member to sign an Amendment to the Memorandum. The last signatory was Montenegro, in 2018, where Amendment No. 6 was added to the original document. For the Republic of North Macedonia, as a new NATO member, Amendment No. 7 was prepared, which should be signed by all NATO members during the C3B plenary session. (Consultation, Command and Control Board), which will be held in November 2020. On that occasion, Admiral Dragan Samardžić, the military representative of Montenegro to NATO and the EU, is authorized to sign the Amendment.

The Information on the status of implementation of the process of monitoring the quality of conducting public hearings in the preparation of laws and strategies in Montenegro with the List for checking the compliance of the procedure of conducting public hearings with the prescribed standards was adopted. The need to improve the quality of public hearings is recognized primarily in the European Commission's Report on Montenegro for 2019, which emphasises that significant efforts are needed to ensure increased public participation in policy making as part of an inclusive political dialogue. At the same time, in accordance with the conclusion of the Special Working Group for Public Administration Reform established between the European Commission and Montenegro, the Government is obliged to establish a mechanism for centralized high-quality control of public hearings and identify an institution responsible for verifying public hearings on draft legislation or strategies held in accordance with adopted standards prior to submission to the Cabinet for adoption. Bearing in mind that the normative and institutional framework has been completed, it is necessary in the coming period to implement the new competence of the central high-quality control of conducting public hearings by ensuring that all ministries also submit the opinion of the Ministry of Public Administration on the quality of conducting public hearings in the preparation of the document. 

In accordance with the Law on Food Safety, the Cabinet adopted a Decree amending the Decree on feed additives and premixtures that can be placed on the market. The Decree contains a List of approved feed additives.

The Decision amending the Decision on the formation of the National Coordination Body for the Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction was adopted. The Coordination Body, headed by Veljko Milonjić, a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has 26 members.

The Information concerning the project Integrated Information Social Welfare System (ISWIS) - e-social card and the Proposal of the Annex to the Financing Agreement between the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Government of Montenegro was adopted. The Information states that the duration of the joint project of UNDP and the Government of Montenegro, which is planned until the end of the year, has been extended by the Annex for nine months - until 30 September 2021. The contracted value of the amended Agreement now totals EUR 1,553,600.

Playwright Vasko Raičević was appointed President of the Council of the Montenegrin National Theater, and theatre director Senad Šahmanović was appointed member of the Council instead of the previous president Blagota Eraković and member Edin Jašarović, who were relieved of their duties due to resignations.

Writer and television author Bogić Rakočević was appointed member of the Council of the Film Centre of Montenegro instead of Ilija Subotić, who was relieved of his duties due to his resignation.

Marko Zečević, the current acting director of the Railway Administration, has been appointed Director of this administration.

Leon Gjokaj, the current Acting Director General of the Directorate for the promotion and protection of the rights of minorities and other minority national communities within the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights, has been appointed Director General of this directorate.

At their personal request, State Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Radulović and State Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior Dragan Pejanović were relieved of their duties.

The Decision on the termination of the mandate of the Director General of the Directorate for the Development of Tourist Destinations and Tourist Infrastructure in the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Ćazim Hodžić, was adopted at his personal request.

At their personal request, representatives of the Government were dismissed - members of the Board for Determining the Representativeness of Trade Unions Marina Vučićević and Vjera Šoć. Marko Ćipović and Radomir Ražnatović were appointed members of the Board.

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