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Response to MP Nebojša Medojević's claims: There were no talks, so there is no concluded arrangement with IMF

Published date 25.11.2020 19:42 | Author PR Service

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We are again denying MP Nebojša Medojević's claims and we remind the interested public that the 41st Government and I, as the Prime Minister, refused to accept the arrangement with the IMF in December 2016, which proved to be not only a brave, but also the right decision.

We have stabilized our public finances in the past three and a half years and increased fiscal responsibility. We have significantly increased original revenues and financed current consumption from our own revenues until the beginning of the health and economic crisis.

We raised the country’s credit rating outlook, kick-starting economic growth with an average rate of 4.6 percent. We have increased employment and significantly reduced the unemployment rate. We have ensured not only the regularity of payments but also an increase in salaries in education and health, and improved the position of pensioners. We have increased the minimum wage and the lowest pension.

Even in a time of an unprecedented health and economic crisis that is devastatingly affecting all economies of the world, including ours, and especially tourism and related industries - this Government did not ask for or would accept an arrangement with the IMF.

We had a solution for the current financial situation, as we had a domestic and sustainable solution in all nine months of the crisis, without reducing pensions and salaries in the public sector, and with generous subsidies to citizens and the economy. Furthermore, we are committed to an additional increase in salaries in education and health from January next year - which we would achieve.

Therefore, there were no talks and there is no concluded arrangement with the IMF. That is why, once again, we reject the claims of MP Medojević as inaccurate and fabricated, so we will no longer pay attention to them.