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Prime Minister Krivokapić lays a wreath on King Nikola's tomb

Prime Minister Krivokapić lays a wreath on King Nikola
Published date 02.03.2021 13:35 | Author PR Service

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Cetinje, Montenegro (2 March 2021) - On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the death of King Nikola I Petrović, Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapić laid a wreath on his tomb in the Court Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God at Ćipur in Cetinje.

The Government delegation included Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Vesna Bratić, Minister of Defence Olivera Injac and Minister of Justice, Human and Minority Rights Vladimir Leposavić.

Prime Minister Krivokapić said that he wanted to express what every citizen of Montenegro feels, and that, as he said, is a great reverence for a man who was a statesman, warrior, diplomat, poet and most importantly - a reformer.

"As an incredible person, he was the leader of the new vision of Montenegro. How did he do it? By gathering all those that know the most and can incorporate their knowledge in order to make Montenegro different. Therefore, for the first time we have established institutions of the state of Montenegro. I will mention only some of them. The National Assembly, the Government, the State Council. He introduced the first currency - the perper, which is the national currency. If we look at the three pillars of every system nowadays, he has incorporated education, health, and justice! This laid the foundations for the establishment of the first standing army in Montenegro."

Krivokapić noted that King Nikola was ahead of his time.

"He introduced electrification, mail service and the broadcasting system in the entire system of Montenegro, and of course, he did not forget what is most important, and that is, road infrastructure. Today, when we think of that period, we must say that the most important thing is that Montenegro has an example to follow. This is King Nikola who, during a particular period of time, perhaps with the pain in his soul, left everlasting pain in the souls of many citizens of Montenegro. The need of today's moment is not to single out the parts that refer to one or the other side, but to unite and reconcile Montenegro with a holistic approach, in the way he knew best, by emphasising that justice, freedom and prosperity are European path of Montenegro."

Therefore, the duty of all of us, regardless of nation, religion or ideological affiliation, is to repay King Nikola by respecting the basic values he advocated and which Montenegro followed continuously, said the Prime Minister.

"These are freedom, justice, the need to be close to each other in the situation when it is most difficult, and that this is the path of prosperity that leads Montenegro to the society of European nations. 'Blessed is he whose name lives forever. A good reason had he to be alive!' May the king, statesman, reformer, poet and ruler of Montenegro enjoy the glory forever and ever," said Krivokapić.