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PM Krivokapić plants olive tree in Tivat in memory of coronavirus victims in Montenegro

PM Krivokapić plants olive tree in Tivat in memory of coronavirus victims in Montenegro
Published date 22.03.2021 16:45 | Author PR Service

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On the occasion of the anniversary of the first coronavirus victim in Montenegro, Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapić, Minister of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism, Ratko Mitrović and President of the Municipality of Tivat Željko Komnenović planted the first of 40 olive trees today in Krtoli in Tivat, in front of the Monastery of the St. Archangel Michael.

Prime Minister Krivokapić said that today is a day of sorrow, when we all feel pain in our hearts for all those who have died from coronavirus.

"In this way, I want to express my condolences to all the families, their loved ones, as a man, as the Prime Minister, and on behalf of all the citizens of Montenegro," Krivokapić said. He said that because of this virus, which is unknown to scientists, Montenegro lost 1,200 citizens, which is too much, as he said, even for more populous countries.

"The loss of every man is irreparable, not only for his or her family, but for the community and society as a whole. In this way today, gathered at this place, we want to send another message. By planting these 40 olive trees, right in this place, near the monastery, we want to say that the olive tree is a symbol of life and eternity. Also, if you look at this place, it is a symbol of all of us, and Lovćen, and Orjen, and Vrmac, and the sea, and the environment in which it all exists, guarantees that Montenegro will know how to preserve all values. The greatest values are lives and people. That is what Montenegro was proud of and will be proud of. I hope that the number of victims will decline, that vaccination and our different approach towards respecting the measures will contribute to all of us protecting each other, and that our health will be priority," said Prime Minister Krivokapić.